2 Responses to “dish”

  1. of hearts
    and men, home
    is where the meal is

  2. Okay enough already.
    I have really had about as much as I can take of seeing all sorts of YUM YUMS I can not get my hands on via your photographs. We’re going to have to get a system of some sort going where I do not see these foods and drool without recourse or any satisfaction. Now, I guess we can ‘block’ all your foodie porn photos from my inbox. Or you could just start fedex-ing food to moi nonstop. That would work nicely I think. Or plane it. Or send me your mother to cook non-stop 24/7. Yeah, that’s even better. Or——-.


    as for men
    unless they’re wearing suspenders I don’t care….
    speaking of which
    I think another SNAP !!!! is in order……

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