17 Responses to “tightrope”

  1. between stirring and
    awakening, the body must
    regulate its core
    temperature, issue
    missives to the extreme
    regions of
    fingers, toes,
    feel for the solidity
    of day’s arrival,
    balancing on the
    tightrope of that
    dreamy edge,
    using both legs
    to experiment
    with its spring.
    between stirring
    and awakening,
    there is poetry
    in the rising

  2. Oh yeah, MOON, Glorious MOON! Moonstruck Moon. Moon of a thousand faces. Watch out, Helen of Troy might be lurking somewhere under such a Moon. That’s always bad news for someone…

  3. PS. Indeed there is poetry in the rising.
    And in bread dough too come to think of it.

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