6 Responses to “handmade”

  1. you keep the sonnets
    in the freezer,
    i have seen
    it makes sense
    to serve them
    cold, eventually
    fixed, crystalline
    lines bonding
    so naturally,
    around the volta,
    one nibble
    from melting
    on the tongue

      • You are welcome. I am sometimes asked why I tend to “put a sonnet out there,” so to speak, with very little editing and then fix it publicly over the weeks and months, which I tend to regard as “lucasing” for better or for worse. The thing is, I could hold each sonnet back for a few weeks until I think it is “perfect,” whatever that is, or I could use a wysiwyg policy and never edit them once they are published. I have seen both policies used on various sites. I like the idea of those Ideas, you might say. Still I like the spontaneity of just hitting “send” but also like the process of refining something over time, so I chose to do both, in essence. doing this refinement in pubic, so to speak. Sometimes I document it, but mostly I do not. Those who notice it, can see the changes. If there were enough active interest I would do more documenting. WordPress keeps all versions of a document, so I could really produce an article which shows all versions from the beginning to the present.

  2. I love the feel of the place. Beautiful work and light everywhere. It must be your studio?

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