6 Responses to “radioflyer”

  1. you are a shiny
    new toy, a latest model
    of something that is

    all mine – there is no letting
    go, ‘til hell freezes over

  2. Like the mirror/shadow effect with the snow. Invisibile child paused in mid-ride.

  3. Although we all seem largely to support each other on wordpress regardless of our content or views, and such might tend to diminish glowing and positive comments to the lustre of the commonplace; still, I feel I must leave such a comment, in hopes that the preceding preamble has gone some distance toward mitigating this effect.

    I do enjoy, very much, this delicate verse of yours. There is something about your photographs by which I am truly captured; however not being a visual artist, I cannot now articulate what it is.

    This one, or even a much poorer example, would be captivating to me, I will admit, because I love the snow and other such elements of winter.

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