7 Responses to “slice”

  1. even fight-or-flight
    curls back at the slice of you
    once in a blue sky

  2. I think this would make a great poster–as would many of your other photographs–complete with poems inscribed.

    • funny, someone just emailed me requesting a V-Day card with a photo and poem. any recommendations? i’m looking at smart phone apps…

      • Suggestions for a V Day card? Hmm, well, what do you know about the person wanting to send the card and to whom? Are they into Food, sunsets, flowers? You have something for just about everyone in your portfolio here. 🙂

      • oh, it was a specific request – selected photo with poem! the empty bowl one! i meant recommendations for platforms (smile). thank you!!

  3. Only you can make the Barclays center look good : )

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