13 Responses to “buckyball”

  1. years later, these words
    still possess strong
    spines, can hold
    themselves up like
    matches, climbing
    the gangway stairs
    into the belly of a
    dirigible. whither
    they sail, over
    and again, there
    can be no
    happy ending, the
    sky is all too clear

  2. Yi-ching was a lovely image. So nice to see such a surreal image. Any thing I should know about the image.

    • yes, Walter! in the foreground is the BUCKYBALL, created by Leo Villareal, inspired by Buckminster Fuller, currently installed in Madison Square Park (until February 15th). in the background, of course, is the Empire State Building, whose Art Deco spire was originally designed to be a mooring mast and depot for dirigibles! (links are embedded within the names, please click). thank you for asking!

  3. You made it!!

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  5. Rather surreal with a science fiction twist to the images.

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