14 Responses to “stacked”

  1. there are certainly
    days that register as
    cornered, but when
    they begin to
    line up, two by two
    at your doorsteps,
    it’s time to get the
    broom, i won’t
    hold you back

  2. Skunks!
    Wonderful Skunks!
    So soft and silly!
    No smell if you don’t ring their bells!

  3. i love the lighting in this, and the composition as a whole. what a delightful moment. thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, there is so much in this picture, and yet it does not feel crowded 🙂 I believe your illumination is in the left half 😉

  5. Nice tones and hue here. It feels like West Philadelphia. Where I grew up. I remember when the first crime prevention street lights replaced the old white light. I fell in love with the orange glow. But didn’t feel any safer.

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