7 Responses to “absolute”

  1. longing is a loose
    thread – so much
    and not enough
    tugging yields
    an absolute
    emptiness, a piece
    of ourselves
    that has lost
    its shape

  2. Light in the pitch black
    moon night
    solitary pathways

  3. Yr images are usually so full of color/ This one tugs me tho

  4. Hello,
    I nominated your blog for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award as I like your pictures as well as how you write.

    The rules for accepting the award are as follows: Display the award logo, link back to the person who nominated you, state 7 things about yourself, nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
    Best regards Nina. 
    Jag gör världen vackrare

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