13 Responses to “tree”

  1. it takes a certain
    kind of chemistry to make
    things so delicate

    between us – i was never
    one to emit visible

    light when excited –
    given our ionizing
    natures, it will take

    more than an old flame test to
    identify these unknowns

  2. I can feel the warmth in this photo. Well done!

  3. Beautiful indeed and so delicate- I see bubble wrap in the future!!

  4. You even caught the light reflecting in the tree’s branches–very nice!
    Interesing poem combo of relationship and science — ions, chemicals, compounds…. 🙂

  5. Y,
    so many folks would have taken this with the ornament centered… You’ve balanced it perfectly on the side and the explosion of blurred lights behind it really sharpen the focus on the foreground and make it pop!



  6. Love it! It meets the challenge requirements as well as emanating the spirit of Christmas.

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