the dark side

13 Responses to “the dark side”

  1. on the darker side,
    the side that fingers
    static lovingly, treads
    a bottomless ache
    for your smile, attempts
    day’s equations without
    proof, there is a magnetic
    pull stronger than that
    Allegretto, no,
    perhaps stronger, you
    must hear it too

  2. Beautiful 🙂 big like

  3. The photograph with the soft light … or slightly stark light in contrast with your thoughtful gaze is magnificent. You have certainly touched the core of emotional longing (a delicate moment) in this post.

  4. LIKE the etching of your profile very much. The ear in shadow and the pupil illuminated. Shall we make a pairing of this and the prior post “delicate” or is that pushing tin too far?

  5. Great picture and lighting…why the dark side?

  6. (smile) and i’m being very literal – the darker side… (smile) thank you!

  7. y,
    Don’t know if I can explain this well enough but if you look at the shadow on your face, it looks like the right side profile of another face… It’s like one of those illusion drawings “what do you see” things. If you stare at the shadow on your nose and your right nostril, it may jump out at you.
    On a separate note, I like the way the light lights up your iris, very pretty eyes. I also like the fading of light to dark on the bricks. Good choice for background… it’s interesting without taking away from you.



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