french toast

26 Responses to “french toast”

  1. in theory, we know
    when to
    in practice,
    temptation gives
    little kisses,
    manufactured for
    perfected by
    our sometimes

  2. […] french toast « yi-ching lin photography […]

  3. Yum! that looks wonderful!

  4. Yum! Great idea and beautiful photo!

  5. OOO those last two lines are so on target!
    I hope you enjoyed consuming this french toast. It looks absolutely delicious. Your photo could sell a cookbook. Seriously. It’s a far better photo than what I’ve seen on most cookbook covers–and lately I’ve seen a lot of them.
    Serious wink, nudge, hint.

  6. […] french toast « yi-ching lin photography […]

  7. it’s not just for the UK?

    • Hmm. I did not get the impression that they’re “just” UK. I’m not sure it’s a good fit–but one never knows what might lead to what’s next. Interesting choices in your book. Need a better internet connection for a better viewing. Will take another run at it soon. Thanks.


    Nothing on that page about having to be in the UK–or at least nothing my very tired eyes found this evening.

    Time to cha cha!

  9. thank you for looking into it, E!

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