13 Responses to “perch”

  1. on the edge of
    desire, it must
    be awful strange
    for insects to
    in the stomach,
    that very physical
    sensation of
    blossoming chain
    reactions bringing
    you neither closer
    nor farther from
    the beloved. or is
    it that instead of
    grand monarchs,
    the feeling is
    a flickering of
    a light bulb
    accompanied by
    that lonesome
    hum, one
    sizzle away from
    a seared heart

  2. Wow, what a beautiful capture of a moment in time. Peaceful and green. What a marvelous photograph. As a nature shot it really stands out.

  3. Quite the close-up, almost as intense as the prose.

  4. Y,
    As much as I like the photo (reminds me of some of the close-ups of bees I’ve recently posted), I love the poem more.
    On the photo, I like the detail visible in the wings. Question, is that the sun reflecting in it’s eye? Seems like this was taken during the day so I don’t suppose it’s your flash.
    On the the poem, I really enjoyed the way you ended it.
    sizzle away from
    a seared heart”

    You’ve nicely captured what we go through… including that lonesome hum.



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