first light

8 Responses to “first light”

  1. the pattern of each
    day develops its very
    own entanglements –
    a misplaced message,
    a window jammed,
    a hidden sock,
    the kettle overflowing


  3. Most psychedelic spider I have ever seen!!! Love this image 🙂

  4. Y,
    Love this image. Spiders are fun to photograph. I like the sunlight on the two legs… it quickly draws the eyes in and contrasts nicely with the blur of the background. I like the it hits and highlights the webs as well. I have one on my photography blog you might like:



    • oh my goodness, what an awesome capture, Stephen! i love how it appears as though it’s glowing. what kind of spider is it? is it really that big?

      • Y,
        We’ve always called them writing spiders. I think the scientific name is “Argiope aurantia”
        The “glow’ came from it reflecting my flash. It’s hard to see in my photo but the web right under the spider is why it’s called a writing spider. They often do more “pronounced” writing … and yes, they get pretty large.



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