5 Responses to “line-up”

  1. never underestimate
    the power of a
    queue – you’ve seen
    them – the ones
    for democracy,
    for capitalism,
    for the home game,
    even the ones
    right in front
    of you – there’s
    always someone
    willing them to
    break down

  2. I really like this. Fascinating contrasts and patterns.

  3. Y,
    what a great perspective. I’m not used to seeing a shot from top down and yet still seeing the reflection. Good eye for an unique shot. I actually looked at this shot for quite a while. It’s interesting to me that as you go further back in line, they get closer to the hand rail.



    • thank you – i also enjoyed and was surprised at the image when i happened to glance down (smile). the reflection was not expected though i had been eyeing the line for iphone 5s for a bit.

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