12 Responses to “foreign”

  1. the art of drawing
    out your fears takes
    a lifetime, if only
    for a lack
    of recognition

  2. Can we see the completion?? Jumping up and down!! ??

  3. Awesome photo! I can see he’s sculpturing a dinosaur but my question is, out of what?

  4. Totally cool and nicely foreign. My favorite pumpkin so far this year has been in the shape of a WV bus, but the dinosaur comes pretty close. 🙂

  5. Amazing shot!
    Good quality, excellent composition… I simply love it 🙂


    My shots are in the link below if you wanna have a look:


    • thank you! i enjoyed your bears with the Eiffel Tower backdrop – it reminds me of the public art installations near NYC landmarks, too. so strange to think/know that it happens right under the Eiffel Tower, too (smile).

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