8 Responses to “unisphere”

  1. the largest representation
    of earth on earth lives
    in our backyard, twelve
    stories of twisting stainless
    steel caught in time, floating
    in a closed fountain of Peace
    Through Understanding
    nearly five decades after
    the beginning of the space
    age, peace needs a ton
    of polishing, and
    understanding is
    an orbiting target

  2. Oh, how wonderful – I remember the 64-65 World’s Fair! The Unisphere, the Pieta, James Bond’s Aston-Martin, and Shea Stadium was brand new! Thanks for the memories!

    • you were there?! it must have been beautiful! the structure is really awe-inspiring when you’re underneath.

      • I was actually there twice – once with my family and once with a school group. We always met back at the “unisphere!”

      • ha! good choice – i wonder how many others met “back at the unisphere.” it’s like saying, “let’s meet in union square…” – i always wonder if it’s the smartest thing to do when standing on the corner, looking for Waldo…(smile)

  3. Great shot!! I had lunch right near it last summer- great submission!

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