health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge: purple


12 Responses to “purple”

  1. there is no getting
    around it – sometimes,
    hours can
    into minutes the
    way songs
    can be whipped
    into cream
    the way colors
    can evaporate
    into rain

  2. A purple to rival all other shades! Lush hue.

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  4. Y,
    I’m not sure which I like more, the photo or the poem. Fortunately I don’t have to choose one.
    I love pollen and the effects it can add to a photo. Sprinkled there it’s perfect. I also love the close up crop of the flower. I am curious, share if you will, but is this the way it was taken or did you crop it later? Either way, you have a great eye for placement.
    I love a line that makes you say ahh and feel refreshed with an image that pours into your mind.
    This line did that for me
    “the way colors
    can evaporate
    into rain”

    Perfect line, Perfect ending…
    ah but I do ramble on… Thanks for a wonderful bright spot on both photo and poem.



    • again, i love your attention to detail. i actually cropped less than a centimeter from the top and from the left, to get closer in. thank you, also, for always commenting on the writing, too! (smile) i like the idea of transformation – a never-ending cycle. everything is impermanent, but they’re also moving from one phase to another, everlasting – the way this vibrant purple leaks onto pixels, into your eyes, evaporating…

  5. Passionately purple clematis! 🙂

  6. Lovely take on the colour purple…where do I find this photo blog theme!!

  7. Such a beautiful picture ..I love the color of the clematis!

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