health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge:  together

20 Responses to “crossing”

  1. with the hottest
    ticket in hand, we
    queue up for a new
    weekend, bodies
    primed, dressed
    in our most you,
    ready to take a
    chance – on your
    mark, get set, go!

  2. How great, that man in the white suit, staring out into the space of the crossing. Great shot.

  3. Oh…I too like the old guy in the white suit….makes the composition for me.

  4. wild shot/ thanx again

  5. Hi! what lens do you use? I like your photographs!

  6. hi, Cedric, i’ve never used Sigma lenses before. i’ve borrowed a Tamron telephoto, and it was not the sharpest, but still a bit magical (smile). i hear the G12 is wonderful!

  7. […] Photo Challenge: Together « Weekly Photo Challenge: Together | Blog Kemaren Siang crossing « yi-ching lin photography Weekly Photo Challenge: Together « rondomtaliedraai Weekly Photo Challenge: Together #2 […]

  8. my parents called last night – guess who was on America’s Got Talent? this 77-year-old man named Burton Crane — he’s the man in the red shirt and white suit. check it out: wonder where his Casio is.

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