health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge:  unusual

13 Responses to “suit”

  1. suited up, we can all
    weather our favorite
    demons with equal
    aplomb. some are
    just flashier than
    others in the
    execution – who is to
    say black canary did
    not secretly covet
    wonder woman’s
    colors, and vice versa,
    her sonic scream

  2. Ciao, what a great picture, wow what a suit for the beach!

  3. Love this. . . couldn’t be better – a white suit!

  4. Great photo…love it…
    Siggi of Downeast Maine, USA

  5. Seriously? How someone can wear that thing to a beach and not get soaked?

  6. Bathing suits are getting smaller and smaller, so this is one very unusual bathing suit. 🙂

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