health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge:  unusual

13 Responses to “packed”

  1. masculinity is a well-oiled
    machine. dialed
    to varying degrees
    each custom-made
    fitting, each industrial
    heart must find
    a way to bend
    itself around
    the norm, to sync the
    turning of its
    gears with the
    discovery of self

  2. Nice contrast of words, the guy’s morning stubble and the cute dog. It’s interesting how the photographs redirect interpretation of the poetry … I’d originally pictured a bunch of narcissistic muscled guys in a room full of mirrors and universal machines, suddenly faced with their SNAG selves!

  3. Man with Dog—LOL.
    Did you get his number?

  4. taking the dog for a walk….me thinks that’s cheating! (lovely shot)

  5. The photo caught my eye, “Y”, because of the little dog. The poem kept my attention. I like that you began it with masculinity and ended it with a thought toward discovery of self.

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