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health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge:  down

9 Responses to “tuna”

  1. self-control is more
    oft than not
    tempted –
    there is rarely a
    thing that does not
    stare right back
    when it feels
    the pull
    of admiration,
    an ache, or
    a hollow hunger

  2. this is simply gorgeous. It’s so beautiful i could literally just gobble it up, but I won’t because of artistic purposes.

    Thanks for sharing this photo!

  3. I LOVE seafood, especially tuna and salmon. I would absolutely gobble this up!

  4. Ooh. Nice. So how fast did you finish it off?

    • well, after taking 20 or so (read: more) photos, i dove right in and…didn’t quite finish it – maybe three quarters? at least more than two-thirds. it was a yummy tuna nicoise salad from a Belgian restaurant called Markt in the Flatiron District (21st and 6th Ave).

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