not whole


health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge: ready

5 Responses to “not whole”

  1. sorrow shelved
    is a funny thing –
    it does not collect
    dust, and no spider
    leans a strand of her
    home against it

    out of the corner
    of the eye, sorrow
    pristine, newly
    polished, easily,
    too easily,
    within reach

    i am not ready
    i am not prepared
    i am a sliver of
    myself, approaching
    another anniversary
    of our loss, not whole

  2. (The eyes…… the eyes are watching you!)

  3. Wow, there is something very scary about that half-face! I think it is the eyes, just dead staring… eeek!

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