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weekly photo challenge:  simple

49 Responses to “dew”

  1. morning cuts and bleeds
    like the rest of us – it’s the
    pin-prick test that seals
    the recognition

  2. Beautiful shot of the tiny world all around us. Too often we forget to stop & pay attention.

  3. That’s a lovely capture! 🙂 What a beautiful little dew..

    • thank you! i love your Murphy the Airedale photo, with the little girl in red in the background – and of course, you know i love the food-making photos! lovely!

  4. I fail to see the connection between the superb photo of a dewrdrop and a pin prick, which presumably produces blood. Perhaps you could photograph a blood drop as well – in beautiful rich red.

    • thank you for dropping by – i appreciate your thoughtful response. to me, that pearl of dew reminded me of the pearl of blood that quickly gathers on the edge of one’s finger. it reminds me that, in a general sense, we’re not so different after all. it also alludes to DNA testing – the pin-prick method to seal the recognition.

  5. Superb photograph. Where does the eye immediately go? Yes it does, oh yes it certainly does. This is art.
    Best. Neil

  6. Beautiful poem & inspiring photograph. It feels like the beginning of a cool spring day.

  7. simply stuns the senses

  8. Certainly very interesting, something to think about

  9. Thats what we call dept-a- field control,without a tripod.

  10. It is such a wonderful photo. I can’t image how you could catch it:)

  11. This is very beautiful 🙂 Nice job!

  12. Simple excellence! You got it all right, kudos 🙂

    • thank you (smile). i appreciate the consistent support! your “simple” submission of the Philharmonic Hall in Luxembourg City looks awesome! i’m ready to walk right in!

  13. Very brilliantly captured! 🙂

  14. I like how the drop is just hanging on.

  15. HI. Have used this beauty to illustrate “no mourning dew”. Link to here seems to be working atm. The bird is on my docket for when I’m not about to hammer the computer. Thank you.

  16. (smile) she’s awesome. thank you, also, for letting me know about that writing challenge. it was fun!

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