for all it’s worth


health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

3 Responses to “for all it’s worth”

  1. somewhere between
    the picture listing in
    The Real Estate Book
    and the second
    mortgage, they
    have built a home,
    welcomed his first
    cousin, twice
    removed, survived
    an affair, and given up
    on the swollen door
    that scrapes the
    floor only during
    through it all, they
    had a nonverbal
    agreement to prioritize
    the house’s image,
    to uphold those
    first impressions, that
    white picket fence,
    from the
    honeymoon viewing

  2. Wow! Your poem! The house is but a house but you gave me a private walk through of the time spent, here. Very very good, “Y”!

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