health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

weekly photo challenge: launch

19 Responses to “launch”

  1. most days leave
    you a little
    unfinished, like
    Schubert’s No. 8.
    it’s fairly good 
    practice to 
    leave you dangling
    a bit, with latitude
    to launch into the
    scherzo, some
    cushioning.  it’s
    almost always
    better to wake
    up humming

  2. Love the photo and poem combination.

  3. I feel like pushing some to the side so I can peer at the others in the back! Love it!

  4. a beatiful line:
    it’s /almost always/better to wake/up humming

    and fantastic photo. I love puppets! My grandmother was a master at making papier mache hand puppets. brings a smile!

    • that is so cool. my papier mache days have been left in the dust. i love that cool, sticky-in-your-hand, nostalgic past-time during long summer days. thank you!!

  5. I love that there is so much color in this photo. Nice post.

  6. A splash of colors! I Like it!

    There is a bit of a contrast between the left and the right – warmer and cooler; which is very nice.

    The rest is just organized chaos!

  7. What has it been? Three years I have been visiting your blog and taking in your creativity and talent? I get this for free but would love for someone with the know and the “way” to publish you both poems and photos! I’d buy that book and gift that book.
    I would put this at the beginning of that book. I would. Memorable.

  8. I wanna take a look too as I agree wholeheartedly (sp?) with Leslie!

  9. thank you, both, for the encouragements and support!

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