posing Rocky…

health, wealth, and prosperity: Om Vasudhare Svaha

13 Responses to “discovery”

  1. captured six minutes
    before his nap, a puppy’s
    play is never done

  2. Rocky is the cutest puppy!! Is he yours or just a random pup you took a photo of at the park?

  3. Cute cute cute!! Everyone loves puppy photos.

  4. Cute shot , like the angle and composition.

  5. Nice capture….shows young wondering & curiosity…

  6. I come here for these animal shots, you know. Reality seeps in in your photos of animals and I love them. They are like everyones’ pets, they are.

  7. Love love love this shot! What a beautiful little puppy 🙂 just want to give him a cuddle! If you visit my blog ( I have some photos of my doggy and some of my friends!

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