weekly photo challenge:  between

7 Responses to “stuck”

  1. on the evanescent
    edge of folklore
    and fairytale,
    between the shimmer
    of legend and myth,
    we are always
    practicing someone
    else’s composition
    of faith – perfecting
    the sudden
    trills, being stuck
    polishing the bass.
    and even when
    we have achieved
    the desired
    articulation for
    the subtlest
    stirring can fumble
    the smallest
    melodic gesture

  2. So cute!!! Have a wonderful day and a blessed new year. 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas. Enjoy following your blog.
    If you would like to help out with a new project I am starting for 2012, Where Does My Blog go, send your snail mail address to and I will slip a cardboard me into an envelope and come for a visit. Email me back photo(s) and narrative to be guest blogger.

  4. Coming here after a long time. Good click and beautiful words!
    Hope you had a great Christmas.
    Wish you a very happy and joyous new year!


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