weekly photo challenge:  self-portrait

5 Responses to “outlined”

  1. i leave traces like you
    wouldn’t believe –
    a mug on the kitchen
    counter, an uncapped
    pen between silent
    pages, a receipt
    for sheet music
    tucked in my Spring
    coat pocket – when
    pressed for time, i
    am a bookmark
    handholding the
    story until it’s
    ready to move on

  2. Love the poem, sorry I’m not sure I get the picture or what it has to do with the poem. Your words are so enchanting, and so are your photographs – they speak loudly themselves. I’m just not sure what this one means?

    • oh, it’s a self-portrait – see the reflection in the glass? it’s a trace of me (smile). it’s up to you to make the connection, really. thank you for the generous compliments!! cheers, y

  3. beautiful

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