weekly photo challenge:  waiting

7 Responses to “expectant”

  1. at the start of the Tamil
    month of Thai
    , when
    Surya loosens his
    belt a notch to make
    room for harvest,
    everything is more
    vibrant as we
    live in the
    moment, expectant,
    alert, like waiting for
    milk to boil over

  2. perfect close up!
    all cats have a master diploma of waiting!

  3. Great shot!……just waiting, instinct knowing something will happen.

  4. This looks like my friend who lived with me for 15 years. Sometimes, when I least expect it, I see her from the corner of my right eye. It is always the right. She slept, always on my right….next to me. Thank you for sharing this one “Y”. It took my breath away when I saw it.

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