as brothers

living together…

weekly photo challenge:  family

9 Responses to “as brothers”

  1. we talk about the
    weather, and how
    sunlight cuts
    into the past, bearing
    down on history
    without as much
    accuracy as blinding
    confidence. and so,
    in this way,
    we tend to stick
    to the weather

  2. Great arts 🙂

  3. well-found & captured. Is that MLK on the right? – it’s something he could have said (forgive my antipodean ignorance!)
    best, –D

  4. “We must all learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools”
    Martin Luther King’s 1963 speech…
    Well, I guess 50 years are not enough to get this message, but dramatically enough to forget it!!!!

    Nice picture, thank you for this “Duty of Memory”

  5. I really like this one – you’ve got all the elements – great !!!

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