every day

hiding in plain view…

weekly photo challenge:  hidden

13 Responses to “every day”

  1. every day he is
    on the train by six
    twenty-eight, out of
    the car by eight thirty-
    two, but more than
    anything, he measures
    the time passing
    by how long he can
    hide, in plain view,
    with as little
    as life could muster

  2. I like this…love the irony!

  3. I guess we all do this, more or less. Easier for most of us than the guy in the photo though. Nice pic and words 🙂

  4. He must have a stressful job 😉 Nice take on the challenge!

  5. Great post and photo. If I saw this after a long day, I probably would bust out laughing and then run! Beautiful words too.

  6. LOVE! Did he know you were clicking away? 🙂

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