taking it all in…

weekly photo challenge:  opportunity

22 Responses to “wonders”

  1. in my mother’s
    household and her
    mother’s household
    and the household
    before her and
    so forth, there
    was always space
    for tea
    in between the
    task of making
    ends meet. time
    was measured
    loosely on
    the buoyancy
    of a handful of
    leaves, and
    bitterness was
    left at the
    bottom of each
    cup before
    we could say

  2. beautiful and that expression is priceless

  3. oh wow – what a wonderful moment

  4. What a perfectly caught expression! You are amazing…

  5. love it. so colorful and great expression you captured.

  6. Amazing moment, so colourful 🙂

  7. Wonderful colors and invitation.

  8. and your writing! Brilliant, my girl!

  9. Y,
    This is one of those pictures that I just get lost in …. staring, absorbing, feeling. The colors are magnificent and inviting I can almost smell the aromas. The hand position and especially the expression on the girls face are priceless. Your timing was impeccable. As if that wasn’t enough, you top it all off with a wonderful poem. I used to drink tea more than I do now but this makes me want to get back to it. I love the last line!…
    Heading off to start some water heating!

    Thanks for such a gift tonight!



  10. Stephen, those are such kind and generous compliments. thank you for sharing them. hope all’s well and that you’re enjoying a cup of tea right now (smile).

  11. I love this — the variety of food/spices, the colours, the girl’s face!

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