all the world’s a stage


weekly photo challenge:  opportunity

13 Responses to “all the world’s a stage”

  1. in child’s pose, you can
    meditate on
    many things –
    like the grocery
    list, where to meet
    for lunch at one-
    thirty, designing
    those business
    cards, if he has
    responded to the
    email, even the
    state of the
    economy –
    when all the
    world’s a stage,
    it takes some effort
    to bring it in

  2. True. 🙂

  3. Wonderful 🙂

  4. Great shot for this week theme they want opportunity

  5. what a unique moment – thanks for sharing

  6. great capture! 🙂 indeed “all the world’s a stage”. the photo says it all.

  7. I love pictures with a lot of people in it! I used to wait as long as possible for all the people to get out of the way everytime I wanted to take a picture, but I came to realise that photo’s with people are far more interesting. Your photo is a great example of this thought. Very interesting to see all there faces. Also nice to look back at in ten years or so. I like it, thanks for sharing.

    • hi, thank you for your thoughtful note! it does take some maneuvering and patience when you want to capture any shot – even one filled with people. i enjoyed taking this one (smile).

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