by the phone


weekly photo challenge:  comfort

19 Responses to “by the phone”

  1. there are some
    meditations that
    work, strictly
    by the phone,
    where on the
    inhale, you are
    the epitome
    of patience,
    while every
    exhale re-
    calculates relief

  2. An interesting definition of a ‘cat call’.

    Great capture.

  3. That’s actually very nicely composed.But i have to say yi-chin your cat look’s like he’s about to do some serious damage to that phone!…

  4. marvelous words and picture

    i bet the phone rings with a purrrrrr

  5. Oh so sweet! I truly love this picture.

  6. The Cat looks very tired i think… 😀
    tired because waiting for call maybe…

  7. Lovely photograph – wonderful whiskers 🙂

  8. As you know, I am a sucker for your animal shots, “Y”. I want a cat who will take my calls! Poem is awesome! “epitome of patience” That’s what you captured with Eddy.

  9. a cat can’t be disturbed by a phone – creates a paradise in mind …

  10. Great subject content and context in the photo!

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