the silk road

discovering the palate

weekly photo challenge:  path 

37 Responses to “the silk road”

  1. looking down from up
    above, we are
    ants marking important
    trails, gradually
    reinforcing the most
    successful routes
    with well-trodden

    on return,
    we weave
    journeys with
    our fingers, hands
    full, mouths
    each new word

  2. the colors are magnificent. . . great photo

  3. magnificent color and context. a feast for the eye — beautiful!

  4. Lovely colours – think I may have to cook a curry tonight to capture the smells 🙂

  5. This makes me hungry! Yum! I love the colors in this photo!

  6. like the repetitiveness of the containers accentuated by the colours, great image 🙂

  7. Remember the age old adage, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? You captured an interesting perspective. 🙂

  8. Wow, that’s a lot of herbs & spices!!!

  9. Spices! Needs them in my life

  10. …I can almost smell them!….

  11. I would love to be there and try the spices. They look colorful and wonderful.

  12. wow – beautiful colours – I want some

  13. Nice and interesting Photo 🙂

  14. I can really SMELL the colours, it’s great! Regards from Germany, Uta

  15. Love the pop of colors! Great shot!

  16. Gorgeous! The richness of the colours are only surpassed by that of the imagined aromas and flavours!

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