the day before


weekly photo challenge:  up

22 Responses to “the day before”

  1. we are not so tough
    after all, an entire
    city lying in
    wait, as the whisper of Irene
    fills every bodega,
    every alley, pulls
    the brakes on the
    last train as we scurry
    home, armed
    with shopping bags
    of headlines and hearsay

  2. every single one of those buildings is reaching up towards the sky…. thank you for sharing!

  3. all those building reaching up to a spectacular sun and sky. beautiful photograph!

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  5. amazing photo

  6. I pray you and your fellow New Yorkers are safe this morning, as Irene has finally made her way to your city. I hope you will have sunny skies again soon and will post another beautiful NYC photo! =)

  7. This is amazing. 🙂

  8. wooow… beautiful picture…

  9. I am not much for poetry,
    but this is incredible.
    “shopping bags
    of headlines and hearsay” —

  10. Wow, all your photos are so beautiful!! This is such a stunning shot. I love how small the city seems compared to the vast sky.


  11. Nicely exposed photo in difficult lighting – well done!

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