11 Responses to “stuck”

  1. along the route of
    peppers, tomatoes,
    and peaches,
    the carnival of grilled
    mangoes melts
    over the tongue
    and lingers
    like a revelation,
    unexpected –
    like suddenly
    in Port-au-Prince,
    and my father
    smiling, letting go

  2. Port-au-Prince:) What inspired?

  3. hi, Katy – describing the taste of grilled mangoes reminded me of Haitian mangoes reminded me of Dad teaching us how to swim in Port-au-Prince (smile).

  4. such rich imagery, the vivid taste of the mangoes, and the ending — what’s to say except what’s written. Love the connection between the mangoes and learning to swim.

    • thank you so much. every time i tasted a grilled mango on that stick, it was like sweet potato melting in my mouth! so delicious – and someone had to point it out to me that it was mango! so, a revelation! love it.

  5. To me, this is a fugue of color and feeling…

    Love it!

  6. YUM! I followed your comment from Faith Returns Home, and I love your pics!!!! Got any of mommies nursing babies?

  7. Your title fits the photo – just perfect 🙂

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