stacking colors…

weekly photo challenge:  colorful

15 Responses to “palette”

  1. sunday arrives on
    tiptoes, attempting
    to slip past
    several degrees
    warmer than the
    last time we
    checked. a
    routine knee
    jerk reflex test
    indicated that all
    was fine, and
    sunday always
    walks in on tiptoes

  2. Colorful biscuits! (Are they biscuits?)

  3. Lovely perspective. Great colours.

  4. Wow – Food allergy alert! Amazing coloursm, well spotted 🙂

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  6. Wowie! I live in England, UK, and we don’t really get these things (unless my village just has a particular closed-minded “cake scene”. I see them online, though, from distant shores, and they look beautiful. Not necessarily in an edible way, but just the bold, pastel colours. The nearest thing we have is at Starbucks, they have this collection of treats called “Petites”, and they’re just little tasters, and one’s called “Whoopie Pie” –

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