before the storm…

7 Responses to “calm”

  1. the rain has hands
    the mind knows
    nothing about, a clock
    ticks as she gingerly
    takes off her gloves

  2. I like this because it is not the kind of photo of New York I have seen before with a beach in the foreground. Thanks, “Y”.

  3. Y,
    Love the picture but especially the poem! Great visual of a storm brewing and getting ready to pounce.



  4. I’ve been checking you out for the past two weeks. Yi-Ching, you amaze me 🙂 I love this photo (and so many others) and I love the metaphor in this poem. Love, Katy (CI).

    • Katy, i’m so glad you’re still visiting (though secretly) (smile). when will we get together? soon, i hope. thank you for the compliments!

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