box of love…

5 Responses to “dough”

  1. throw out moderation –
    when the scent
    of love is still
    in the air half a dozen
    flavors later, you
    know it is for real

  2. dough? yes, perhaps, but of the most superior type. These must be the best doughnuts in the known universe! they look better than the ones from Melbourne, and Perth people carry these across our southern continent to share them at home.

    • back row, left to right: blood orange, hibiscus, chocolate-glazed.
      front row, left to right: passion fruit, lemon poppy, dulce de leche.

      i’ve never had better (smile).

  3. Wow, usually I can dive in and only have to choose between one or two.. I’d have a hard time choosing with this box and think I’d just sit and eat the half a dozen you left :D. They look amazing!!!

    Great pic!


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