8 Responses to “addiction”

  1. get yourself an
    addiction, the tall
    kind, with a
    taste of jigsaw
    just for kicks

  2. must admit, I think this pic is ex

  3. that picture of yours ( the joker having a smoke ) it reminds of some of the scenes’ I had saw while visiting Nelson, British Columbia , Canada

  4. the scenes, It was around 10 years ago. went on a holiday that summer and had
    ended up durring there summer exhibition of the arts and the types of persons that had met and/or saw just very relaxed and not afraid ofbeind themselves.
    Nelson is in the western rockies and I have kinda looked at it as being I dont know , kinda a Artist city / Quaker city landscapes are beutifull

    kinda a town livin in the 50s 60s

  5. glad you liked imfo. / keep up your work with the camera and I usually travel back to the Rocky Mountains at least 1 – 4 times a year

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