10 Responses to “mulberries”

  1. we still meet
    the twin
    mulberry trees,
    ready, pulled
    taut, as laughter
    the ripest
    the way only
    can do

  2. …and now the joy! thanks, this was a pick-me-up.

  3. Wow. You just took me back. My husband and I had a farm for quite a few years. Around two sides of our back yard were male and female mulberry trees. When the fruit was ripe, we always new when the kids had partaken…… Purple everywhere! 🙂 Beautiful photo and verse.

  4. they tastes really good~!

  5. I really like the depth of this photo! My parents have a lot of mulberries in their garden.

    • lucky! my parents drove me here to pick both the berries and the leaves. the leaves are then washed, dried, then used for tea as they carry many health benefits.

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