box of…

6 Responses to “desserts”

  1. no amount of ice, sleet,
    snow, nor rain
    could bring you
    down the rabbit
    hole as effortlessly
    as a box of
    sweets with a
    candle for luck

  2. Ha! Both image and poem brighten my day, “Y”. Upbeat and tastey to chase this winter day away!

  3. Upbeat and yummy eats so far out of REACH!
    Like Leslie, I find both your photo and poem upbeat–
    But I am sooooo wanting to bite everything in that box!!! There’s no decent bakery anymore in KC–according to MY tastes. In couple of places there are tarts and danish for nearly $5 a piece–they’re okay–but NOT worth $5 a piece. Oooo see what you’ve done with your food porn photo……..waaaaaaaa!

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