8 Responses to “spark”

  1. even in the suburbs
    someone is flipping
    a switch
    on and off
    across the cool
    of midnight –
    we can hear
    the sound of
    arriving, though
    we have yet
    to see it so clearly

  2. Love your poem. Appropriate for the New Year, too. I think that is what I like most about today……the possibility wonderful and new unknowns. Beautiful photo. It does make me think of new Years.

  3. O and I thought you’d captured some conspiring stars on a clear night! LOL.

  4. I see you still have your beautifully elegant way with words. I’ve been subscribed to you all along and haven’t missed a word. Your seeing eye is enviable.


    • so this is where you’ve been hiding. i haven’t been able to access your old wordpress link! thank you for your support and encouragements, and happy new year!!

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