7 Responses to “hands”

  1. i am a hunter memorizing
    numbers to hold you down –
    the days i knew
    you, the times we
    held hands, the last
    year i saw you, and
    the second it all
    began to decay

  2. Something about these hands–well, they’re distrubing.

  3. What I like about these hands is they appear covered with leaves. I see them as a symbol of “turning over a new leaf”.

  4. These are amazing! They look very realistic and from what I can tell, they both look like they have a ring on the “ring finger.” I like Leslie’s interpretation and offer a couple more:
    Nature as a cover / provider for us
    Us holding up and supporting nature

    I also like your poem. When matched with the picture, it makes for a hunting picture as it seems you are talking about a human but you add the “second it all began to decay” which the cut off hands (whether in human or leaf form) would do.



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