5 Responses to “glasses”

  1. where are your
    glasses now
    that you are not
    to wear them?

    i can see them so clearly:

    riding on the chest
    of a tourist

    dangling between
    slim fingers in a bakery

    underneath a pillow

    by the windowsill

    or lined up like
    abandoned things
    in the top drawer of
    your corner desk
    still waiting –

    when was the last
    time you
    touched them?

  2. 🙂 I have my Mother’s and my Father’s last pair of glasses they rest on a bookshelf filled with my favorite books waiting for them. I like this poem. The bust with the glasses makes me smile.

    • thank you for sharing your personal experience with your parents’ glasses. that is so lovely and heartbreaking. thank you.

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