tucked in…

12 Responses to “memory”

  1. after a time, memory
    an embroidered
    and your smile
    a loose thread
    to be idly
    pulled at
    or gingerly tucked in

  2. This looks like the best street noise ever! Wish it was going on here! Love the poem, too, “Y”.

  3. love this 🙂

  4. Ya know, you are one absolutely gifted poet. I love this photo, but it’s your poetry that really keeps amazing me. It’s like you just keep hitting the high note every time you try. Really, knock out stuff.

    I simply yearn to visit NY. It hearts my heart I can’t make that happen.

    • coming from an excellent writer like yourself, your compliment is greatly appreciated. and as for visiting nyc, perhaps in time… (smile)

  5. Um, that would be “hurts” not “hearts.” 🙂

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