4 Responses to “steps”

  1. it is closest to a Choose-
    when you find yourself
    facing a third or fourth
    wicked breakup.

    if you decide to put up a fight,
    turn to page 2.

    if you decide to walk away,
    turn to page 6.

    with absolute choice
    removed, and all of your
    fingers tied up in
    bookmarking only
    the good parts, what
    remains is doom after
    doom after doom

  2. […] you decide to walk away, turn to page […]

  3. Ahhhh. I enjoyed the abstract quality of this photo, “Y” before reading the title and the poem. I did not visualize what it was an image of, at first, and then saw the discarded cigarette butt and read the title. Yes, it made me wonder about something repetitive and things left behind. Good. Good.

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