5 Responses to “heavy”

  1. adjust yourself
    to the moment
    heaviest to
    the parts of you that have nothing
    to do with mass. adjust
    the sudden
    buoyancy, the
    wetness, the blur. stand a moment
    longer, even
    the nozzle of
    nausea, let it wash
    over – rinse, adjust,
    repeat, as necessary

  2. I can’t stop laughing to comment!!!!!!!!

    • (smile) i wrote the poem with something else in mind, but then i saw that i had this photo, which fits if you were to take the poem to another entirely different place (smile).

  3. I took one look at that greasy ball which probably tastes really good and immediately envisioned my midriff swelling. Next I read your poem and lost it…. I will not forget this pairing, EVERRRRRRR!

    • (smile) this is dubbed the “Newark Style” hot dogs – pizza bread over two deep-fried hot dogs, french fries, deep-fried sweet potatoes and onions. i’ve never had anything like it! i thought Kokot would be the first to respond (smile).

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