at this point…

7 Responses to “117”

  1. at this point, i do not
    know what a year is going
    to look like, let alone one-
    days, today being only

    • where have you been?!?! i thought you got lost in all the gallery exhibit planning!

      • Hi. Well been chasing money via a stint with the census. Ha! How to fry yourself in the midwest summer sauna wave. Haven’t had much energy left for anything else. Now I’m just wanting to find some cool trees, a lake, a beach–whatever–far from the maddening crowds. Hope ALL is well with you. You’ve still clicking away. LOL. Oh yeah!

  2. wow, so you chased down those who have yet to fill out their census, eh? nice! yes, it’s hot – recently 90s here. enjoy some time off!

    • Oh yeah. It was an eye opening experience regarding the disgruntled despair of many folks.
      time off…LOL….oh yeah….I just let off some steam with a rant/post….too much time knocking on doors apparently has this side effect…
      HI!!! Hey, regards to “mother” too!

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